Wilderness Fleece Neck Gaiter

Wilderness Fleece Neck Gaiter

Wilderness Fleece Neck Gaiter

See product info below to find the best size.

  • Product Info

    Handmade fleece neck gaiter. 

    Super soft and warm, humans can wear them, too!

    Measure your dog's collar length to help pick the size. The measurements shown below are collar lengths to help you pick the correct size. For a custom fit, put your dog's collar length in the comment box and we'll make a gator custom for your dog.


    Approximate Sizes Around the Neck:
    XSmall (11.5" )
    Small (17.5")
    Medium (21.5")
    Large (26")
    XLarge (30")

    Suggested washing instructions: hand wash or machine wash cold water, lay on towel to dry. Put it in the dryer for a few minutes if needed.

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