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Meet Our Hard-Working Ambassadors

Rest in Peace Blu 5.4.09 - 2.11.21

Blu (Stanley's big brother) was a Great Dane, a co-founder of Dog Tahoe, and  our Chief Woofer. Blu was the reason Dog Tahoe began and is the dog in our logo.

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Blue is a 6 yr old mix of love.

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We're just a couple of wild and crazy doggos living it up in the mountains of California. Whether snuggling or hiking in the backcountry, we give it 500%. We take an "all terrain" approach to life; we love dirt, mud, water, and snow plus couches and laps too! We are so excited to be representing Dog Tahoe our tails are wagging on overdrive! 

Leo is a 4 year old adventure cat. We moved cross country when Leo was just a kitten and the adventure hasn’t stopped. He’s spent the last 4 years traveling the US and National Parks. He loves hiking, camping, breweries, road trips and watching squirrels play outside.

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Stella is Leo’s little sister. She is an 8 month old deaf Australian Cattle Dog. She’s becoming a true Tahoe dog as she takes on the adventures of hiking and mountain biking. She loves swimming, the snow, sticks and playing fetch. Stella & Leo love going on camping trips together! 

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Lani is a 6 month old labrador who thinks she is a lap dog.  She loves food, her toys, hiking, playing fetch, and tummy rubs! 

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