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Meet Our Hard-Working Ambassadors

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Rest in Peace Blu 5.4.09 - 2.11.21

Blu (Stanley's big brother) was a Great Dane, a co-founder of Dog Tahoe, and  our Chief Woofer. Blu was the reason Dog Tahoe began and is the dog in our logo.

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Blue is a 6 yr old mix of love.

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We're just a couple of wild and crazy doggos living it up in the mountains of California. Whether snuggling or hiking in the backcountry, we give it 500%. We take an "all terrain" approach to life; we love dirt, mud, water, and snow plus couches and laps too! We are so excited to be representing Dog Tahoe our tails are wagging on overdrive! 

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Lani is a labrador who thinks she is a lap dog.  She loves food, her toys, hiking, playing fetch, and tummy rubs! 

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Junior is a 9yr old Sheltie. He is famous for his beautiful coat, which has given him the nickname Fabio. He loves slow walks in the wind, hair blowing. He lives the ball life!!

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Sunny Rae is a Mini Goldendoodle puppy

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These two sisters are mini goldendoodle puppies. They are sweet love bugs but also love getting into trouble together. They live for rainy days and splashing in puddles!

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Clifford is a pit mix rescue who loves to enjoy the sweet things in life. Food, hiking, snow-shoeing, and playing fetch are his favorites. He loves to cuddle and experience fun adventures. Clifford adores his fur-brother Howie. 

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